The town is situated in the North West coast of Sardinia and it is the heart of the Coral Riviera. Since a long time, It has been the favourite destination of many tourists of all kinds of age and origin because of its unique cultural activities, incomparable environmental and architectural offering.

Alghero is an ancient town with Catalan origin and it stands out from all the other cities in the Mediterranean Sea thanks to some details which convert it in a matchless one in the world: the majestic medieval walls that plummet into the sea and enclose the charming old town with cobbled alleys and they shield the customs and traditions, the language and the culture of this Catalan centre.

The coast is characterized by wild nature: long sandy extension, Mediterranean scrub and little cove in front of a pure, crystal clear sea.

Nature and history as a backdrop of the renowned warm hospitality typical of the Mediterranean countries and of different tourist packages whose aim is to satisfy both guest who decide to spend their summer holiday in Alghero and those who would like to stay in Sardinia just for a romantic weekend.